Good news! I've shipped to a few customers,fully expecting that the packages will be detained in Custom Office and they have to collect them there...but the Custom checked them out and USPS sent them straight to my customers' homes! So no worries, you can sit back and relax and let the package comes to you! =)

I just bought these 3 gorgeous sunnies today! Havent received them yet... but since I'm very generous (haha!) I'm letting them go to anyone who's interested - RM90 plus RM50 shipping using Priority Shipping Small Flat Rate (the box size is 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8" so I think it will fit..if not I have to use the medium size box RM140). My friend saw this same Elle sunnie at JJ said it costs RM400 bucks...phew!!

EL01 Elle two tone logo

EL02 Elle two tone logo

DB01 Dana Buckman shield sunnie

I got this during I can extend the discount to you. I told my hubbie that I planned to sell them...that's why I splurged on three sunnies at one time mg me quick if interested...if not I'll happily add them to my personal closet..yeay! ^_^

Ok, additional sunnies below!
EL02a shield sunglasses - brown RM110 + shipping

EL02b shield sunglasses - black RM110 + shipping

EL02c shield sunglasses - burgundy RM110 + shipping


speckurosaklagi said...

so rm 140 je utk that sunnies!
bestnye if jd pompuan n byk duit..

~shafini said...

hahaha minat gak ke? nanti akak carik guys punye okes

speckurosaklagi said...

takpe akak...for this moment i dont have a cash...nati dah ada cash saya bg tau akak k..

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